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10 Drake Court
milford, NJ 08848
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Contract Consulting / Staffing services

The Vine provides top quality IT professionals to augment our client's IT team. In conjunction with our needs-based consulting service and as a part of flexible staffing plan, we provide IT resources for specific projects so that you can use your staff's knowledge of your infrastructure to affectively direct the project. In other words, we do the heavy lifting so you don't have to! Our consultants work with your staff to develop and implement specific projects without requiring you to add full-time employee's. The Vine provides consultants who are capable of working in various roles and who can be deployed to work on most current and future technologies. The technologies we currently support include web development, complex e-businesses, enterprise wide applications like SAP, Oracle and PEOPLESOFT, CRM Solutions, Database Management Solutions, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Networking and Software Quality Assurance.

Our Strategic Consulting Service provides:

  • Business Practice Analysis
  • Software Identification and Selection
  • Network Planning and Implementation
  • IT Department Structure Development

Specific systems and processes are identified during our extensive audit/site survey and a plan for implementation is provided in our statement of work. Our Strategic Consulting Services will provide direction on technologies to use and how to prioritize the tasks required to get the job done as efficiently as possible. Major attention is paid to Business Process Analysis. The Vine's analysts will identify and study the existing business processes, tasks, and needs of your organization. Then, technical consultants and software architects will outline how best to meet your needs through the implementation of software solutions. At the end of Analysis phase, we will provide you with a document that covers the entire scope of the project, its business along with technical requirements for implementation, and a complete listing of available resources.